Samurai hair

About Samurai hair

There were various hairstyles in Japan for many years.
In the hairstyle of the many,
the hairstyle of the male of about 400 years before and Japan is called Samurai hair.

Samurai hair is called "CHONMAGE" in many cases in Japanese.
However, originally the hairstyle which the old person
who cannot dress hair summarized to one behind the head is called "CHONMAGE"
However, now, Samurai hair came to point out all the hairstyles of about 400 years ago.

Let's introduce about the kind of Samurai hair.


It is said that it is the origin of this hairstyle to have met hair
in order to prevent dizziness on the head when a helmet is attached.


Many hair on the few old head was used.

These hairstyles are also in everything upper but two pieces.




Moreover, there are some hairstyles put in as having been derived from "SAKAYAKI" besides these.
They are three hairstyles under this.




Now, Samurai hair is the grade which those who are doing the sumo wrestling which is a national game of Japan use.
It is only the movie and teleplay of Japan on the theme of history that Samurai hair other than sumo wrestling is used.
In practice, it is a wig.

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Shiho Matsushima